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  • Author: Luo Xin , Lu Jingbo
  • Promulgation date: 2009-11-26
  • Language: English
  • Price: 180 USD
Author Brief

Luo Xin

LUO XIN is a senior attorney, senior trainer and counseling expert of labor law practice. Currently he is the assistant to director and attorney in charge of R&D and external cooperation affairs of River Delta Law Firm. He also takes the role of legal counsel fully in charge of the legal affairs of many famous enterprises and institutions.
Mr. Luo has been engaging in the long term research of laws and regulations on employment legislation. He participated in research of legislative affairs of Legal Affair Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Legal Affairs of Chinese Democratic League.

Lu Jingbo

LU JINGBO, the president partner of River Delta Law Firm, executive officer of, senior lecturer, is one of the most renowned labor law and corporate law experts around the country. Professional membership includes: Vice General Executive Officer of Shanghai Law Society- Labor Law Research Section; Arbitrator of Shanghai Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee; Director of HR Committee of Asia-Pacific Presidents Association (China Branch); Legal Counsel of Shanghai Commerce Association; Legal Counsel of Shanghai General Labor Union.
Mr. Lu has led more than three hundreds public and internal trainings on labor law and employment relation management for enterprises and other institutions, including GE, Siemens, Coca-Cola, Sinochem, Ping An Group, Lenovo, etc. He also authored many articles and books published in China.

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