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  • Author: Victor A. Mestnikov
  • Promulgation date: 2009-12-07
  • Language: English
  • Price: 52 USD
Book Abstract   [You can read free content of the book by clicking "online reading" at right tab of the page]
By the end of 2008, China's outward FDI of Russian Federation is up to US$ 1.8 billion, accounting for 45.1% of total amount in Europe. Due to the geographic and political advantage, as well as economic complementarities, Russia has always been an attractive place for China investors. However, as a federative nation, each of the constituent entities possesses its own legal status and authorities.

With respect to this issue, the main objective of this book is to give the foreign investors an idea of Russia as the federative Nation, to provide you in reference form with knowledge about the Russian regions. It contains the brief excursus to history and culture of the regions, data concerning their population and economy. Here you will find, a list of the normative legal documents of the republics of the Russian Federation, which settle its state power system, the references to the official internet sites of the legislative (representative) body, the supreme executive body, the supreme official (head of the supreme executive body) of the corresponding constituent entity of the Russian Federation. Besides, the information about the heads of the legislative and the supreme executive state power bodies is actual to the date of the providing this manuscript for publishing.

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