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  • Author: Morris, B
  • Promulgation date: 2011-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Price: 450 HKD
Book Abstract
Accounting for Dollars: Thinking with sense is a plain English guide to accounting. Accounting can be daunting to learn, particularly if you are coming from a non-accounting background. The book is designed to tell you 'what you need to know' to lay a solid foundation so you can successfully navigate your way through accounting, both in your studies and in the real world.

Are you a student? The study guide will help you make the leap from your lecture notes to your textbook and 'fill in the blanks'. With clear explanations, colourful examples and end-of-chapter questions and solutions, this book will provide the building blocks for you to understand the world of accounting.

Are you in business? Surrounded by accounting whether it be in reviewing business performance, setting prices, discussing profit, making decisions, or maybe working out how your bonus is measured. If you don't have an accounting background or, if you haven't studied accounting for a while, then this book will help you understand what it all means.
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