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  • Author: Lee Mei Pheng
  • Promulgation date: 2004-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Price: 1,296 HKD
Book Abstract
The MLJ Handbook on Banking and Negotiable Instruments is the second Handbook after the revamping of the Series. It basically covers:

Practice Legislation Banking and Financial Instruments Act 1989 Bills of Exchange Act 1949 Islamic Banking Act 1983 (selected sections) Forms

This handbook is concise in contents, bringing two important aspects into one single book. It covers two areas- banking laws generally, and negotiable instruments specifically. The Banking And Negotiable Instruments Handbook has been compiled bearing in mind the issue of convenience, as it covers not just a commentary of banking law, but also fully annotated and updated legislations, such as BAFIA 1989 and BOE 1949, to all the sections of the law with regards to banking, for easy reference. In addition, it also conveniently collects a variety of useful form samples used in the legal practice of banking law.

The style used in this handbook is simple and precise covering some of the basic legal principles with an emphasis on the practice of banking. The topics covered are pertinent and are of major concern for bankers and practitioners alike. Bankers and practitioners of banking, often having busy schedules, deadlines and ambitious targets to achieve, should find this handbook extremely helpful and practical.
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