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  • Author: Anderson, G; Hughes, J
  • Promulgation date: 2014-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Price: 684HKD
Book Abstract
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Employment Law in New Zealand by Gordon Anderson and John Hughes, is a must-have text for anyone who requires a comprehensive overview of this area of the law.

Written by two members of the highly experienced author team of Mazengarb’s Employment Law looseleaf, this book presents the relevant body of New Zealand law concisely and in a format accessible to students, business owners and managers.

This approachable book will help readers to answer employment-related questions and provide a starting point for undertaking more specific research. Chapters include further reading and additional resource suggestions.

• Further reading / references sections: pointing the user towards additional resources (for example Mazengarb’s Employment Law looseleaf) and useful websites
• Written by a highly experienced author team
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