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NEA Clarifies Requirements on the Administration of 2018 Win... [2018-05-25]

The National Energy Administration ("NEA") has recently issued the Circular on Relevant Requirements on the Administration of Wind Power Construction in 2018 (the "Circular").

MEE Seeks Opinions on the Technical Guidelines for the Plann... [2018-05-25]

The General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment ("MEE") has recently issued the Technical Guidelines for the Planning of Environmental Impact Assessment: General Principles (Dr...

MOFCOM Further Optimizes Administration by Record-filing for... [2018-05-25]

The Ministry of Commerce ("MOFCOM") has recently issued the announcement [2018] No. 41 to introduce modifications to the Record-filing Form for the Establishment of a Foreign-invested Enterp...

MOF and MOHRSS Issue the Provisions on Continuing Education ... [2018-05-25]

The Ministry of Finance ("MOF") and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security ("MOHRSS") have recently issued the Provisions on Continuing Education of Accounting Professionals (th...

SAT Issues the Latest Tax Return for the Monthly (Quarterly)... [2018-05-25]

The State Administration of Taxation ("SAT") has recently issued the Tax Return of the People's Republic of China for the Monthly (Quarterly) Prepayment of Enterprise Income Tax (Category A,...

Interim Administrative Measures for the Assessment of the Co... [2018-05-25]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ("MIIT") has recently formulated and released the Interim Administrative Measures for the Assessment of the Comprehensive Utilization of I...

China Legal Review 2018-04 No.91

Editorial Notes

Four Authorities Regulate Financial Institutions\' Asset Management Business
Interpretation: the Working Measures for Outbound Transfers of Intellectual Property Rights (for Trial Implementation)
Legal Person: Section 337 Investigations, Steps Forward for Companies of the U.S. and China in Meeting Each Other Half Way
IWNComm V.S. Sony—Damages Determined based on Licensing Fee for SEP Infringement
Mao Dun\'s Manuscript Auction Case—Legal Risks for Copyright Violations in Selling Celebrity\'s Manuscript
Taichi Panda V.S. The Journey of Flower—IP Protection in Game Rules
How to Determine Liability for Compensation Claim after the Termination of Contract upon a Commitment to No Social Insurance Made by an Employee


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