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Six Authorities Jointly Regulate Collaboration between Vocat... [2018-02-22]

Lately, six agencies, including the Ministry of Education ("MOE"), have jointly released the Measures for Promoting Cooperation between Vocational Schools and Enterprises (the "Measures"), w...

SSE and SZSE Reinforce Credit Risk Management During the Exi... [2018-02-22]

Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange ("SSE") and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ("SZSE") have released their respective Circular on Matters Concerning Further Strengthening the Credit Risk Man...

CFDA Regulates Marks for Dietary Supplements' Alleged Functi... [2018-02-22]

The China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") has recently issued the Announcement on Standardizing Marks for Alleged Functions of Dietary Supplements (the "Announcement for Marks") and th...

CFFEX Issues Updated Policies on Government Bond Futures [2018-02-22]

The China Financial Futures Exchange ("CFFEX") has recently released a series of updated policies, including the Five-year Government Bond Futures Contract, the Ten-year Government Bond Futu...

MPS Seeks Public Opinions on the Administrative Regulations ... [2018-02-22]

The Ministry of Public Security ("MPS") has recently issued the Administrative Regulations on Public Security in the Seal Industry (Draft for Public Comment) (the "Draft for Comment") for pu...

SSE Provides Clarity on Selling Shares through Block Trading... [2018-02-22]

Recently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange ("SSE") has issued the Circular on Further Clarifying Matters concerning the Sale of Shares through Block Trading by Major Shareholders of Listed Compan...

China Legal Review 2018-01 No.89

Editorial Notes

A Practical Discussion on the Personal Information Security Specification
Interpretations on the Administrative Measures for Pollutants Discharge License (for Trial Implementation)
CSRC Metes Out Top Penalties on Fabrication and Dissemination of False Information concerning Securities and Futures
Determination of the Employee’s Violation of Non-Compete Obligations and Recourse for the Employer
Factors Affecting the Finding of Likelihood of Confusion in the Determination of Similar Trademarks
Brand Battle behind the “Monster” Trademark

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