As an in-house or M&A lawyer, you need to pay close attention to the industry trends, make precise judgments on the risks and opportunities, and wholly grasp the process of Merger & Acquisition. The practical experience accumulated over time is indispensable for this. “Lexis® Practical Guidance - Merger & Acquisition” is devoted to building a platform to gather the experience and wisdom of the front-line in-house lawyers, so as to realize the scale effect and help you to achieve your success.  
The content is comprehensive, and focused on the key points.
M&A process Different entities Special issues
  • M&A methods
  • Preliminary negotiation for M&A 
  • Due diligence investigation 
  • Implementation of M&A
  • Integration after M&A
  • M&A of state-owned assets
  • M&A of listed companies 
  • M&A of NEEQ-listed companies
  • M&A by foreign capitals
  • M&A of foreign-invested companies
  • Offshore M&A
  • Taxes involved in M&A 
  • Anti-trust review of M&A
   Type of Content
Practical guidance
The M&A experts interpret the relevant laws and regulations on the basis of practical cases, analyze the key and difficult issues, summarize the practical experiences, and review the operational risks.
Contract Templates
Over 200 high-quality contract templates covering the whole process of M&A, including comments on document drafting, alternative clauses as well as the English translation.
Provisions of law + summary of practical experience, “One-time notification” of the legal issues relating to M&A.
This presents the legal issues involved in the whole process in drawings and figures, so that you can easily understand each part of the process.
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   Many convenient tools focusing on the practice
Tools for quick inquiry
★Industry supervision checked with one click: Collection of industry regulations + industry approvals + prospectuses of listed companies in the same industry
★Due diligence investigation, indispensable for M&A: Analysis of over 300 issues frequently encountered in due diligence investigation + reminder of risks + solutions + similar cases of listed companies for reference
★Tax issues related to M&A, eliminating the weakness of lawyers: Taxes involved in different M&A solutions + reminder of relevant tax risks
Analysis of actual M&A cases
★Background of transaction + summary of solutions + analysis of legal issues
★Comment in one sentence, enabling you to quickly grasp the actual M&A cases
Guidance for offshore M&A
★Introduction of M&A law and supervision of 20 hot countries and/or regions
Islamic Republic of Pakistan South Korea South Korea
Malaysia Mexico The Republic of Cyprus
Japan Switzerland Taiwan
Ukraine Hong Kong India
Indonesia The United States of America Germany
United Kingdom Singapore Australia

★Original M&A contracts from the UK, USA, and HK + summary and analysis in Chinese
★Written by experienced Chinese and foreign lawyers.
RIAA LAW (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) Lee&Ko(South Korea) Bentsi-Enchill, Letsa & Ankomah (Ghana)
Shearn Delamore & Co. (Malaysia) Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C. (Mexico) Anastasios Antoniou LLC (The Republic of Cyprus)
Anderson, Mori & Tomotsune (Japan) Niederer Kraft & Frey Ltd (Switzerland) Walder Wyss Ltd(Switzerland)
Bär & Karrer AG(Switzerland) Baker & McKenzie (Taiwan) Asters(Ukraine)
WINSTON & STRAWN (Hong Kong) Trilegal (India) Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro (Indonesia)