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Classification of Practice
Different from traditional classification of taxes, tax practice is classified by subjects, covering all key and hot topics .
· Taxation of Non-residents
· Taxation of M&A and Restructuring
· Foundations and Practice of
   Enterprise Income Tax
- Permanent Establishments and
   Operating Profits
- Royalties
- Dividends
- Primary Taxes in M&A and Restructuring
- Equity Transactions
- Asset Transactions
- Incomes
- Deduction
- Assets
· Settlement and Remedies of Tax
· Taxation of Overseas Investment
   (Going Global)
· Transfer Pricing and Anti-tax
- Tax Inspections
- Tax Investigations
- Accounting Quality Inspections
- Tax Planning for Overseas Investment
- Tax Considerations for Mergers and - Acquisitions of Overseas Corporations
- Tax Considerations for "Going Global" in
- Arm’s Length Principle
- Comparative Analysis
- Transfer Pricing Methods
· Foundations and Practice of
   Individual Income Tax
· Legal Liabilities of Taxation
· Taxation of Dispatched Personnel
   from Overseas
- General Provisions
- Wages and Salaries
- Staff Incentive Concerned Taxation
- Administrative Liabilities
- Criminal Liabilities
- Judgement of Tax Obligations for
   Foreign Individuals
- Provisions on Calculation of Tax for
   Foreign Individuals
-  Foreign Directors and Senior
· Practice of Value-added Tax (VAT) and VAT in Lieu of Business Tax
· Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)
- Scope and Calculation
- Taxpayers
- Tax Rate and Levy Rate
- Overview
- Introduction to Action Plans
- Impacts on China
Practice Notes
More than 300 Practice Notes with Overview of Key Points, Detailed Interpretations, Important Notes and Relevant Laws and Regulations for diversified tax topics, meeting the knowledge needs of tax and finance personnel to enable them to have a comprehensive understanding of certain clauses in taxation laws during their work and studies.
Hot Topics
In-depth analysis of latest hot topics and special focus areas, such as Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) and Comprehensive Replacement of Business Tax with Value-added Tax.
Commentaries on Laws and Regulations
Selected tax and finance laws and regulations coupled with expert comments or official interpretations on key clauses. Laws and regulations are analyzed in depth and made easy to understand, comments associated with policies and interpretations synchronized with queries.
Tax Cases
Collecting practice cases to help tax and finance personnel learn about how to deal with disputes between tax authorities and enterprises. Explaining laws and analyzing hot issues through real cases.
Taxation Guide — Guide for Foreigners' Individual Income Tax
Determine the tax liabilities of foreigners in China in a visual way and have quick access to Practice Notes, such as taxation rules. Tax knowledge has been creatively connected through a dynamic flowchart.
Manual on Tax Risk Management
Strong Practicality, Easy Reference and Reliable Stuff
Risks that are likely to be overlooked and misunderstood by enterprises in the course of their tax payments are summarized with examples and reference regulations, being strongly practical and easily accessible.
Overview of Global Tax Systems
Giving bilingual introduction to the tax system in 20 popular countries, reviewed by professional lawyer teams, and helping enterprises along the One Belt One Road or going global to have a quick knowledge of the key points in overseas tax systems.
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